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Feeling sorry for Alyonka... The artist interceded for the preservation of the scandalous monument
22 December 2020, 10:27
Feeling sorry for Alyonka... The artist interceded for the preservation of the scandalous monument
Mass protests and bullying on social networks forced the authorities of Novovoronezh to promise to demolish the sculpture, but the professional found his merits in it.

As Novye Izvestia has already reported, the scandalous Alyonka will be dismantled. For several days, bloggers in social networks vied with each other to discuss this monument in the village of Novovoronezh, calling it both a monster and a symbol of the era, and outright idiocy.

They achieved their goal: "post-apocalyptic Alyonka" will be demolished. This decision was made at a meeting of the initiative group, which participated in the creation of the monument.

As told to the publication "Rise" in the administration of the city district, instead of a frightening statue there will be a commemorative plaque.

The sculpture was unveiled on Friday for the 250th anniversary of the village, on the site of which Novovoronezh grew up. The head of the city, Nikolai Netyaga, previously admitted that it turned out "not very successful".

According to legend, 250 years ago, the girl Alyonka was looking for refuge and found it on the bank of the stream, where the village of Novaya Alyonovka was founded. However, she was soon killed by the robber Kudeyar. The village was named in honor of the heroine of the legend, and later the community members decided to erect a monument to her. No budget money was used to install the sculpture.

Meanwhile, the famous cartoonist Sergei Elkin writes about this on his blog:

"So! Hands off, spiteful critics, from the new sculpture in the Voronezh region.

This is normal naive art.

And let each village have its own naive sculptor.

And a hundred flowers bloom. Amen...."

Readers of Yelkinsky's blog are also not opposed to "Alyonka" staying.

"Such sculptures should be placed along the perimeter of the borders so that the enemies are even more afraid of us...", - in this spirit, expressed many.

Moreover, "Alyonka" is by no means alone in Russia. There are similarities in Aksai, Rostov region, and in Barnaul, and many other places...