In 1937, Lyubov Orlova starred in erotic photo shoots - for herself and her husband
24 November 2020, 16:56
The famous Soviet film actress was filmed by her husband - film director Grigory Alexandrov.

Photos of the most popular Soviet film actress Lyubov Orlova, taken by her husband Grigory Alexandrov (real name Mormonenko) in 1937, appeared on the network.

These photographs were recently exhibited at the Literary Fund auction, and their owner is lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky, who was deprived of his lawyer status for 2 years at the end of October this year following a review of his behavior during the investigation and trial in the case against Mikhail Yefremov for violation of legal ethics.

As the commentators of this candid session noted: "Even the celestial stars at that time had iron beds..."

Film star, and in addition, singer, dancer and pianist Orlova was Alexandrov's second wife, and became famous throughout the country, playing the main role in the legendary film directed by the director "Merry Fellows" in 1934. At first, this film was even banned in the USSR, but thanks to the intervention of Gorky, and then Stalin, it was released on screens, and immediately gained incredible popularity. And not only in the country, but also abroad: under the name "Moscow laughs" he was awarded the prize of the Venice Film Festival in the same 1934, and Charlie Chaplin himself noted with delight: “Aleksandrov opened a new Russia for America. This is a great victory".