Photo of the day: volunteers washed a stained-glass window in St. Petersburg, which the communists diligently covered up
27 November 2020, 16:31
This Art Nouveau stained glass window over the door of a tenement house in 1909 was plastered over even during the Soviet era, but for 30 years of the current government in the country, none of the officials lifted a finger to restore it.

St. Petersburg ethnographer and civic activist Ksenia Sidorina shared this photo on her blog, attributing:

“Finished washing the stained-glass window above the door to the 1909 house. Four layers of paint only outside, two inside - we had to fight with them at night, so as not to interfere with residents entering and leaving. And finally everything! Because working at a height even under the snow is too much. I don't know what the result of 30-35 hours of work can show more clearly..."


Nizhny Novgorod activist Gera Knyazev commented on this post:

“Left photo: the work of public utilities in an authoritarian system. Right photo: the work of the Civil Society, which the authorities are so afraid of..."

Other commentators were perplexed: “Honestly, there are no words! How could such a beauty be painted over? It doesn't fit in my head!".

And how many such beauties have disappeared without a trace in the more than 100 years that have passed since the tragic events of 1917, it's scary to think about it...