Oil production in Russia decreased by 11%
2 December 2020, 13:35
Photo: Delo.ua
In November, production of oil with gas condensate in Russia decreased by 11.1% compared to November last year, amounting to 40.96 million tons.

According to Interfax, citing an operational summary of the Central Dispatching Office of the Fuel and Energy Complex (CDU TEK), from January to November 2020, oil production with gas condensate in Russia amounted to 470.16 million tons.

“This is 8.4% lower than the indicator for the same period last year. Exports of Russian crude oil to non-CIS countries for this period of time amounted to 202.1 million tons (-11.5%)”, - says Kommersant.

In November, oil production amounted to 62.74 billion cubic meters. m, which is 2.5% lower than in the previous period, and from January to November 625.61 billion cubic meters were produced. m, this is 6.7% less than in the same period last year.

Against the background of a decrease in oil production, prices for petroleum products are growing. As the CDU TEK notes, from November 22 to November 29, 2020, at the filling stations of vertically integrated oil companies (VINK) and a number of independent companies, the average prices in the Russian Federation as a whole increased for AI-92 motor gasoline, winter diesel fuel and decreased for AI-95 motor gasoline, summer diesel fuel.

“The average price for motor gasoline AI-92 increased by + 0.02% (+0.01 rubles / liter) to 43.74 rubles / liter, for winter diesel fuel - by + 0.08% (+0, 04 rubles / liter), up to 48.75 rubles / liter, AI-95 gasoline fell in price by -0.02% (-0.01 rubles / liter), to 47.10 rubles / liter, summer diesel fuel by -0.59% (-0.28 rubles / liter), to 47.28 rubles / liter", - the message says.

In St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, the average prices in the city for summer diesel fuel increased, in the region for winter (off-season) diesel fuel. In St. Petersburg, the average price for summer diesel fuel increased by +0.09 rubles / liter, up to 48.18 rubles / liter, the average price for AI-92 motor gasoline remained at 43.34 rubles / liter. In the Leningrad Region, winter (off-season) diesel fuel has risen in price by +0.10 rubles / liter, to 48.79 rubles / liter, AI-95 motor gasoline has fallen in price by –0.01 rubles / liter, to 47.00 rubles. / liter, summer diesel fuel - by -0.19 rubles / liter, up to 48.07 rubles / liter, the average retail price of AI-92 motor gasoline has stabilized at the level of 43.53 rubles / liter.