Neither for people nor for business: Russian authorities literally burn the budget money
7 May , 20:06
Instead of helping people in need in the circumstances of a pandemic, the state organizes rehearsals of the parade, which is already anyway canceled.

On May 5, a rehearsal of the air part of the military parade canceled due to quarantine on May 9 was held in Moscow, in which more than 70 combat aircraft and helicopters took part. Pictures and video evidence of this event went around all the domestic media and social networks.

Most of the comments of quarantined Muscovites were extremely negative. They asked fair questions: how much will this useless demonstration of power cost? Isn’t it better to use this money to produce the protective masks or to help the poor? And so on, and so on...

Meanwhile, Israel celebrated Independence Day last week, the main holiday of this young state. The authorities of the largest Israeli city - Tel Aviv decided to abandon the previously planned large fireworks. The money allocated for it was sent to help those in need. But so that the feeling of the holiday would still be there, the Mayor went out into the street and made his little symbolic firework ...

How cynically and inhumanly the Russian government manages the health and lives of citizens, and how humanely and fairly does the Israeli government.