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The production of drugs in Russia decreased by 10%
8 July 2021, 13:25
The production of drugs in Russia decreased by 10%
Photo: Якутия.Инфо
The volume of production of pharmaceuticals in Russia in physical terms in the first five months of 2021 fell by 9.2%.

According to Vedomosti, citing research by the analytical company RNC Pharma, from January to May, domestic pharmaceutical companies produced 1.7 billion packages.

“This is the worst figure since 2018, when 1.6 billion packs were produced in the same period. Growth was observed in this area in 2019 and 2020, ” RBC reports.

Against the background of a decrease in production volumes, the companies' revenues are growing: in monetary terms, shipments of drug manufacturers increased by 25.9% and amounted to 239.1 billion rubles in the first five months.

The biggest drop was in the production of OTC drugs. In this segment, the reduction reached 16%. Prescriptions began to produce only 1% less.

In the context of a pandemic, residents of the country, who have run through the last stocks, began to buy less cheap drugs for future use, switching to what they really need now, albeit at a higher price.

The second reason for the growth in revenue of pharmaceutical companies in the Russian Federation is government purchases of domestic generics instead of expensive imported originals. By a strange coincidence, these drugs are more expensive at auction than at pharmacies.

Earlier it was reported that analysts predict further growth in drug prices. By the end of the year, the increase may be about 8%, which is significantly higher than the official inflation rate.

Thus, along with the "food inflation", the widespread rise in prices for metals, building materials and housing, Russians should prepare for an increase in the prices of medicines with a general reduction in their production.