The erroneously calculated "luxury tax" was returned to the owners of inexpensive vehicles
8 December 2020, 13:18
The Federal Tax Service (FTS) recalculated the "luxury tax" for owners of cars worth less than 3 million rubles, who received inflated receipts.

This year, the owners of cars that cost less than 3 million rubles and are not included in the special list of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, unexpectedly received notifications from the tax authorities, in which the amount of transport tax was calculated with an increasing coefficient. The owners of cars that are not luxury goods began to be obliged to pay a tax with a coefficient of 1.1.

“Many experts and social activists opposed this practice, considering it illegal”, - the Octagon newspaper reports.

After complaints from car owners, the National Automobile Union and Viktor Travin, President of the Board of Legal Protection of Car Owners, sent an official request to the Federal Tax Service. Having received the appeal, the department carried out a check and recalculated the overly charged "luxury tax". This fall, some car owners began to receive new letters, in which the owners are apologized on behalf of the department and a different amount of transport tax is given - after recalculation.

“Some motorists who were mistakenly charged with a 'luxury tax' have already returned the money”, - the newspaper notes.

According to the current legislation, increased transport tax rates are established for vehicles included in the list of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and having a value of over 3 million rubles. After the publication of the list of "luxury cars" drawn up by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, experts were perplexed: the list was clearly incomplete. For example, for unknown reasons such expensive cars as Toyota Fortuner, Audi Q3, Volvo V60 and others were not included in the list of "luxury".