Gazprom doubles premiums to its top managers, despite the multibillion losses
14 August 2020, 11:16
Despite losses of almost 277 billion rubles, Gazprom decided to double the bonus payments to its top managers in the first half of the year. For six months of this year, the company's top managers earned more than one billion rubles, according to the company's quarterly report.

This year, the official salaries of top managers were reduced by 17.2% - to 363.5 million rubles, which was fully compensated for by doubled bonuses, which, compared to the first half of last year, increased from 338.1 million rubles up to 602.9 million. Other types of remuneration for top managers (which ones are not specified in the report ) soared six times compared to the first half of last year - from 15.3 to 88.4 million rubles.

As calculated, taking into account the increased by a third of the income of the board members, each of them in the first half of the year earned about 643 thousand rubles a day, or 80 thousand rubles an hour. At the same time, the company itself ended the first half of the year with a loss of 277 billion rubles. The company's revenue as a whole decreased by a quarter - to 1.8 trillion rubles, more strongly - revenue from gas sales, which decreased by a third compared to the first half of the year earlier (to 1.2 trillion rubles). The company's turnover from gas exports in April-June reached $ 3.5 billion, which is the lowest value for the last 18 years. Compared to January-March of this year, it decreased by half, and by the year it fell three times.

Earlier it was noted that due to the colossal drop in gas prices, it became unprofitable for Russian Gazprom to supply it to Europe. The resource price in Europe is now lower than the price of gas in Russia, which, taking into account customs duties and delivery, makes gas supplies unprofitable. Russia's bet on the Asian market did not play either. Now the constructed gas pipeline Power of Siberia, in the construction of which Gazprom once invested over 1.1 trillion rubles, is now only 60% loaded. Chinese companies are in no hurry to buy Russian gas, even though the price of the resource is even lower than that of other exporting countries.