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Biden's statement on anti-Russian sanctions brought down the ruble
17 March 2021, 17:58
Biden's statement on anti-Russian sanctions brought down the ruble
Photo: Reuters
New anti-Russian sanctions, announced by US President Joseph Biden, led to a serious collapse of the ruble against the dollar and euro in the auctions on March 17.

Expectations of new sanctions risks after Biden's TV announcement on ABC that Russia would have to "pay" for meddling in the US elections has caused panic among investors on the Moscow Exchange.

“The US dollar exchange rate was 73.73 rubles. at 15:00, which is 88 kopecks higher than the closing level of previous trades. The euro cost 87.86 rubles, having risen in price by 91 kopecks. The value of the dual-currency basket ($ 0.55 and EUR0.45) increased by 89.35 kopecks to 79.99 rubles", - Interfax reports.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation raised the official dollar rate on March 18 by 14 kopecks, to 73.1019 rubles, and reduced the euro rate by 1.59 kopecks, to 86.9693 rubles.

On March 16, American intelligence published a report in which it accused the Russian side of intending to discredit Biden and support Donald Trump ahead of the 2020 elections.

Information about the possible interference of Russia in the course of the US elections has been discussed for several months. Russian hackers associated with security forces are suspected of a massive series of cyberattacks on US government agencies. One of the possible culprits of Russia's interference in the American elections to the FBI is considered businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is suspected of creating a "troll factory". For information on the whereabouts of Prigozhin in the United States, an award was announced in the amount of 250 thousand dollars.