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Sberbank canceled a free limit on transfers through the ATMs
19 June 2020, 16:53
Sberbank canceled a free limit on transfers through the ATMs
Photo: yandex.ru
Sberbank introduced a fee for transfers through ATMs. Now, regardless of the amount of the transfer, you will need to pay 1% of each transaction.

The commission has been charged since June 2. 1% will have to be paid regardless of the amount of the transfer - at least 100 rubles, at least 10 thousand. However, if the transfer amount is higher than 100 thousand rubles, then the commission from such an amount will be no more than a thousand, RIA Novosti writes.

Earlier, the bank also had a restriction on online transfers to other subscribers. Every month, you can transfer free of charge only up to 50 thousand rubles to another account holder. If the transaction amount exceeds the established limits, you will also have to pay a commission of 1%. Those bank customers who regularly use this service can subscribe for interest-free transfers.

The bank added that ATMs for transfers are used only in 1% of cases, more than 90% of all transactions go through the bank's online services.

It was also noted earlier that since mid-June, commissions for money transfers between regions are canceled if the sender and the recipient hold the cards in the same bank.

Earlier, Sberbank lowered its forecast for a fall in Russia's GDP this year to 4.5%. According to bank analysts, the dollar is stabilizing at 70 rubles, but will not be lower.