Figure of the day: in 8 years the price of Russian gas in Europe has fallen 10 times!
22 July , 13:05
If in 2012 European countries paid 11, 49 mmbtu / $, then in 2020 - only 1,75.

Truly frightening figures are given by the Double Yat Telegram channel:

Average price for Russian gas in Europe, in June per mmbtu / $:

2012 - 11.49

2013 - 11.92

2014 - 9.77

2015 - 6.67

2016 - 4.76

2017 - 4.89

2018 - 7.45

2019 - 3.59

2020 - 1.75

The strangest thing about this is that the price of gas and petrol for the population of Russia is constantly growing! While in all European countries - not only does not grow, but also falls, as happened recently with gasoline. For example, in poverty-stricken Bulgaria, the price of gasoline in March of this year fell from 2.25 levs (approximately 1.12 euros) to 1.72 lev (0.85 euros)! In Russia, the picture is completely opposite!


BTU (British thermal unit) is a British thermal unit (or British thermal unit) of measurement of thermal energy, which is sometimes referred to in Russian as BTU. The BTU unit is most often used precisely when calculating gas prices, which depends not only on the volume of fuel (cubic meters), but also on its energy efficiency of this mineral. When pricing the heat output of gas or oil, one British thermal unit (BTU) is an extremely scanty measurement system, therefore, exchanges sometimes use a thousand BTU (MBTU), and even more often - a million BTU (MMBTU). Almost all natural gas price charts are indicated in cubic meters and in MMBTU.