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In Russia, prices for buckwheat soared again
22 September 2020, 23:56
In Russia, prices for buckwheat soared again
Wholesale prices for buckwheat groats in Russia, which exceeded the level of 50 thousand rubles per ton in September, continue to grow.

Prices per ton of buckwheat for the last week have risen immediately by 1,690 rubles and reached 52 thousand rubles.

“A week earlier, the growth rates were even higher - 2,475 rubles. In August, a ton of this cereal cost an average of 48,194 rubles, in September 2019 - 28,268 rubles", - Interfax reports with reference to the monitoring service of the ProZerno company.

Against the background of a sharp increase in prices for buckwheat in Russia, there has been a decrease in the cost of millet. Over the past week, this cereal has lost in price 920 rubles - up to 22 165 rubles per ton. In August, a ton of millet cost 22,616 rubles. Meanwhile, a week earlier, the price for millet continued to grow, having increased by 125 rubles. In September last year, prices for millet were higher than now: they reached 27,370 rubles per ton.

Simultaneously with millet, rice has somewhat lost its price on the Russian market. Now this cereal is sold at 37,600 rubles per ton, which is 135 rubles less than a week earlier. Last month, a ton of rice cost buyers 38,033 rubles, and a year ago - 41,539 rubles.

The sharp rise in prices for cereals and essential goods in September this year caused confusion among analysts. According to experts, this year the acreage under buckwheat, rice and millet has increased. The growth amounted to 64 thousand hectares, 2 thousand hectares and 56 thousand hectares, respectively.

The Prosecutor General's Office reacted to the situation in the food market. According to a statement released last week by the department, the cause of what is happening may be a cartel collusion of trading companies. In connection with these suspicions, the prosecutor's office, together with the Federal Antimonopoly Service, initiated an audit, the purpose of which is to study the state of affairs with respect to the rights of citizens when setting prices for socially significant essential products.

According to the Prosecutor General's Office, verification measures will take place in all constituent entities of the country, the progress of the verification is under the personal control of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, the media reported a sharp rise in wholesale prices for oatmeal. According to experts, this situation is caused by drought in Siberia, where the main sown areas of oats are located.