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Caviar prices set a new record
22 November 2021, 14:35
Caviar prices set a new record
Photo: gastronom.ru
In the retail market of Russia, the average price of salmon caviar in October 2021 for the first time exceeded 5 thousand rubles per 1 kg.

According to RBC, citing Rosstat data, never, in the entire history of observations that have been conducted in Russia since 2000, prices for caviar have not risen to such heights.

A year earlier, caviar in retail rose to 4 thousand rubles per kilogram.

“In October 2000, a kilogram of caviar cost 675.2 rubles. Thus, in 21 years it has risen in price by 7.4 times", - Kommersant notes.

Rosrybolovstvo experts expected that caviar prices would decline this fall amid an increase in salmon production. By the end of August, the salmon catch reached 474 thousand tons, which is twice as much as in 2020. However, analysts' price forecasts did not materialize. If earlier the wholesale price was about 3-3.3 thousand rubles per kilogram, now there is a significant increase.

Despite the growth in production, prices for both fish itself and caviar continue to rise rapidly.

In the country's retail stores, a kilogram of red fish in October increased by an average of 16% compared to the data of 2020 and reached 845.3 rubles.

Russians are worried about the skyrocketing food prices triggered by the coronavirus crisis. According to opinion polls, today up to 70% of the country's citizens are experiencing serious material difficulties that they cannot overcome on their own. Many say that in the face of catastrophic "food inflation" on the eve of the New Year holidays, they hope for financial assistance from the state.