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The dollar exchange rate has crossed the mark of 75 rubles
23 March 2021, 09:15
The dollar exchange rate has crossed the mark of 75 rubles
Photo: pixabay.com
Against the background of another aggravation of relations between Russia and the United States, the decline in the rate of the Russian national currency continues.

On the Moscow Exchange (MOEX), the dollar rate with "tomorrow" settlements by 19:00 Moscow time increased by 92 kopecks, to 75.04 rubles, the euro rate - by 1.35 rubles, having risen to 89.57 rubles.

In fact, the US dollar has overcome the psychological mark of 75 rubles, and the euro is almost close to 90 rubles. The ruble exchange rate strengthens the fall against the main reserve currencies, during the day on March 22, the dollar rate rose to 75.1 rubles - a maximum since February 5, - the agency "RIA Novosti" notes.

"The Russian currency is declining against the dollar and the euro also following the collapse of the Turkish lira, provoked by the unexpected change of the head of the country's central bank by the president of Turkey", - notes RBC. The fall of the lira also triggered a sell-off in other emerging economies' currencies, including the Russian one.

According to the analyst of the investment company Veles Capital, Yuri Kravchenko, the ruble is under pressure from the threat of new Western sanctions. According to him, the sale of foreign currency earnings by exporters in the period of preparation for the main tax payments is still holding back the ruble from a more significant fall.