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Stress is approaching: what awaits Russian parents on September 1
24 August, 16:03
Stress is approaching: what awaits Russian parents on September 1
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As usual, when preparing a child for school, parents are faced with new expenses.

Ivan Zubov

There is only one week left before the start of the new school year. Social networks traditionally discuss the approach of this date. For example, the results of a new survey conducted by the Superjob company, judging by which, before September 1, every fifth parent in the country experiences stress, and mothers are 2 times more likely than fathers. Nearly half - 45% - of working parents will take time off to attend holiday events. At the same time, it is curious that 4 out of 10 companies enter into a position and provide parents of schoolchildren with a day off on September 1: 19% - officially, 24% - unofficially.

There is stress for obvious reasons: every year it becomes more and more difficult and expensive to prepare children for school. For example, according to the channel "Accents", the mayor's office of Yekaterinburg again raised prices for school food

Now in elementary school breakfast will cost parents 81.2 rubles, which is 5.4 rubles more than last year. In senior classes, breakfast will cost 93.57 rubles, which is 6.3 rubles more than last year. Parents are already writing angry comments in city publics about this.

But in Moscow, a bouquet for a teacher has risen in price by 20%. At the same time, the capital took second place in terms of the cost of flowers in the ranking of Russian regions - the average price of such a purchase reached 1.94 thousand rubles, according to a study by Evotor, Moscow city publics report.

In Krasnodar, before the start of the new academic year, the number of applications for loans increased compared to the same period last year, the press service of the Sravni financial marketplace reported .

In general, in Russia, the share of the increase in the indicator was 20%. In addition to Krasnodar, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Omsk and Krasnoyarsk are among the leading regions in terms of the number of loan applications. The amount of the desired loan most often amounted to 100 thousand, 300 thousand and 500 thousand rubles, Kommersant writes .

Whether this is due to rising prices for school supplies or whether the problem is much deeper, only time will tell.

Network analyst Evgeny Kogan recalls on this occasion that in the second quarter of 2022 in Russia, thedecline in real disposable income of the population amounted to 0.8% in annual terms.

In general, for the first half of 2022, the real disposable income of the population decreased by the same 0.8% compared to the same period last year.

The Ministry of Economic Development expected that the decline in wages in real terms in Russia as a whole for 2022 would be 3.8%.

“That's what I'm thinking. We face this problem (God, what a surprise) every year. Is it really so difficult to come up with some kind of assistance programs for the population on this topic? Or at least low-income, large families, refugees? Indeed, for many, these costs are more than serious ... but, apparently, not for those who make decisions.

This is how we live...”, - the analyst comments on these figures.