The company commander was punished for identical tokens of police officers who detained journalists
3 July , 18:21
Photo: МБХ Медиа
The Ministry of Internal Affairs checked the information about the identical tokens of the policemen, who detained journalists during the pickets in Moscow. After the verification it was announced an admonition to the company commander.

“The company commander of the second operational regiment of the Moscow police was charged. The provision on the badge was violated”, - writes RBC with the reference to the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The incident occurred during the detention of journalists who went to solitary pickets in support of the arrested journalist Ilya Azar. He was arrested for two weeks because he violated his isolation and went out with a picket in support of the detained founder of the Police Ombudsman Vladimir Vorontsov. Vorontsova. Several criminal cases were opened against Vorontsov, including for extortion, dissemination of pornography and false information that discredits the honor and dignity of representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Vorontsov himself believes that his persecution began because he publishes information that the Interior Ministry does not like. Earlier, for example, he published audio recordings on which Elena Ustinova, the head of the department of precinct city administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Novosibirsk, gives out to her subordinates plans how many violators of self-isolation need to be arrested. After the scandal, she was fired. After Vorontsov was detained, all the police officers who leaked him information were asked to admit it, promising them an amnesty. If the police do not recognize themselves, and later it becomes known that they cooperated with the portal, they will be held accountable by law.