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The deceased girlfriend of the streamer Reshetnikov was not pregnant, but that doesn't make the situation better
3 December 2020, 16:25
The deceased girlfriend of the streamer Reshetnikov was not pregnant, but that doesn't make the situation better
Now the investigation is finding out what caused her death - hypothermia caused by a long stay in the cold (Reshetnikov kicked his girlfriend out of the house in her underwear), or alcohol and drug abuse. But what we managed to find out about the personality of the deceased.

The friend of the blogger Stas Reshetnikov, who yesterday led the stream, despite her dead body in the frame, as it turned out, was not pregnant, reports StarHit.

27-year-old Valentina Grigorieva met the Reeflay blogger at the beginning of this year at one of the parties that he organized to earn money from his provocative streams: on the air, the guy for "donations", that is, monetary donations from the audience, fulfilled their wishes, mocking people. There was a price tag for this: for example, breaking an egg on someone's head at Reeflay cost 1,000 rubles, “sucking a toe” - 2,500. Spraying pepper spray in Valentina's face, which happened during one of the streams, also happened on request.

As Yulia, Valentina's friend, with whom they rented an apartment in Moscow, said, the girl came to the capital from Krasnodar, after she buried her mother and grandmother there. She earned money as an escort. “In Krasnodar, as Valya said, she has a brother in a wheelchair. And also a dog and two cats, - says Yulia. - When she flew to Moscow, she always paid for the animals for overexposure and zoo hotels. She really wanted to bring them here someday. In principle, there was enough money, she did not think about other activities. I did not judge, I was not interested in what brought her to the escort - it's everyone's personal choice". “She was actually a cheerful and positive person who loved life”, - says Yulia. - Despite the fact that she was without a family, everything she wanted, she achieved herself. She seemed strong, kind and sympathetic. She tried to help everyone, to show participation”.

Despite all the sympathy of the deceased, her friend does not believe in Reshetnikov's guilt: “Knowing Stas, he could frighten Valya as much as possible, and that was all. She would rather smash everything there than freeze silently. It's more believable that she was under drugs. Stas does not use substances and has a negative attitude to it. Valya could come home with huge pupils and tell what she was under. Although I told her many times to stop, but she was an adult, she should have understood this".

However, despite any arguments of the friends of the strange couple, the story itself is simply wild and terrible. A sadistic blogger who broadcasts the death of a person on air... What other moral norms should moral idiots bypass so that the authorities close YouTube along with all the freak show of its inhabitants?! But such a prospect is quite real. It is the responsibility of the state to protect young people (and not only them) from essentially antisocial phenomena. And let the supporters of complete freedom of speech and pluralism of opinions then complain to the whole world - the truth will be on the side of the state.