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The Ministry of Internal Affairs is again checking the portal Police Ombudsman
4 June 2020, 12:42
The Ministry of Internal Affairs is again checking the portal Police Ombudsman
Photo: openpolice.ru
Law enforcement agencies launched another inspection of the Police Ombudsman community, whose head has already been charged with four. This time the portal is suspected of disseminating false information about the deputy chief of the Moscow police department Zyuzino.

“There is information that false information is being distributed on behalf of the community that discredits the honor and dignity of the deputy chief of the Zyuzino Department of Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs", - Interfax writes with the reference to its informed source.

The source of the publication notes that these messages can be regarded as insults to a government official. Now the Ministry of Internal Affairs is checking on this issue. For insulting a representative of the government faces a fine of up to 40 thousand and correctional labor up to a year. The publication of the publication does not specify what kind of messages are in question, but on the Noviye Izvestia portal it was possible to find a number of messages that talked about abuses in the department and repeated hints from the police chief about sexual relations with subordinates.

The organizer of the project, Vladimir Vorontsov, was arrested almost a month ago. He is accused of four offenses, including extortion and distribution of pornography. Vorontsov himself does not admit his guilt, believing that the criminal prosecution against him began because he criticized the police. Earlier, for example, after the publication of the “Police Ombudsman”, Elena Ustinova, the head of the department of the district city administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Novosibirsk, was fired. On the posted audio recordings, Ustinova distributed plans to capture violators of self-isolation.

Earlier, the capital’s police called on all the police officers to confess to the portal. If the police confess themselves, they are promised an amnesty, but if they remain silent now, and later the fact of interaction will emerge, the defendants will answer according to the law.

In support of Vorontsov, a journalist Ilya Azar went to a single picket . The police arrested him for 15 days for violation of self-isolation. After that, a series of protests by journalists and activists against the detention of Azar swept through Moscow. The capital’s Interior Ministry warned that such rallies during self-isolation are illegal, all who come out with protests will be fined. In addition, by law they can also be arrested and involved in compulsory labor.