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Nontypical pandemic victim: a worker died during the construction of a hospital in New Moscow's region
5 April 2020, 16:20
Nontypical pandemic victim: a worker died during the construction of a hospital in New Moscow's region
Photo: Mash
The fire occurred in tents in the village of Babenki in New Moscow where urgently the hospital complex is being built to treat the infected with coronavirus. The cause of the fire was a wood stove that heated the workers' tent, one of them died. Currently the fire has been eliminated.

TASS informed about this citing the press relations service of the Ministry of Emergency situations of the Russian Federation.

The department said that there was a fire of three tents on an area of 90 square meters. "The fire was liquidated, one person died," the department said. An agency source in emergency services reported that the fire occurred at the construction site of a new infectious diseases hospital.

"The fire was located in the area of the stove, which was in the tent. It will be determined whether it was malfunctioning or was used incorrectly," the source said.

A new infection center is being built near the village of Golokhvastovo. Golokhvastovo and the neighboring village of Babenki is the territory of New Moscow, an area more than 30 kilometers southwest of the Moscow ring road beyond the Concrete Ring on the Kaluzhskoe Highway.

The complex is built from collapsible structures like a hospital in the epicenter of the coronavirus COVID-19, the Chinese city of Wuhan. It will be located on 43 hectares in total. It is designed for 500 patients including 250 intensive care beds.

It is planned to build it in just a month instead of the usual six to eight months that are required to create the construction of such a complex of structures. There also the construction works of a dormitory for doctors for two thousand places has started.

According to Andrei Bochkarev, the deputy mayor of the capital on urban planning and construction issues, the construction of a medical center in New Moscow is proceeding at an unprecedentedly fast pace with the participation of five thousand workers around the clock.

“The complex will have a reception unit, a treatment unit, intensive care unit, laboratory, diagnostic unit, a children's, operating and, if necessary, a maternity wards,” - the press service of the construction complex reported.