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Vacationers in Turkey fought off a shark with a mop (video)
5 July, 18:53
Vacationers in Turkey fought off a shark with a mop (video)
Photo: Соцсети
Following the Egyptian resorts on the Red Sea, marine predators began to terrorize Turkish ones on the Mediterranean.

Just the other day, two extremely unpleasant messages came from Egypt at once: there, in the resort town of Hurghada, a shark first killed a resident of Romania (her body was found a few days after the tragedy), and then bit off an arm and a leg from an Austrian tourist - a few hours later she died in a hospital. In connection with these incidents, beaches in Egyptian resorts began to close one after another.

However, this ended, and now the shark appeared in Turkey on the beach of Marmaris in the Aegean world. Judging by the footage, it is about one and a half meters long, and therefore it may well cause injury to the swimmer, and this, in turn, can lead to death. True, in this case, the vacationers were not at all embarrassed by the appearance of such a formidable predator and fought off the shark with a mop... There were no reports of victims.