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Co-owner of Vostokugol Dmitry Bosov committed suicide
7 May 2020, 15:25
Co-owner of Vostokugol Dmitry Bosov committed suicide
Photo: kursiv.kz
The owner of the Alltech group, Dmitry Bosov (pictured), took his life on May 6 at his home in the Moscow region. The motives for the suicide of a billionaire are unknown.

According to Kommersant, a 52-year-old businessman committed suicide in the village of Usovo, Odintsovo district. Bosov's body was discovered in a fitness center located on his site.

According to the sources, the wife of a businessman first began to ring the alarm when he stopped answering phone calls. When she and the security guard watched the recordings from the CCTV cameras, they saw that Bosov had entered the sports center. The door was closed from the inside. Having knocked her out, they found Bosov’s body with a Glock 19 Gen pistol in his hand.

There was no suicide note near the body. The suicide motives of the co-owner of the coal companies Vostokugol and Sibanthracit remain unknown.

Sources of the newspaper said that the deceased had no family or business conflicts, he was not seriously ill. Psychologists believe that the decision to commit suicide was a sudden impulse - this is evidenced by the absence of a suicide note. Acquaintances characterize Bosov as a quick-tempered person. However, RBC sources claim that the businessman had frequent scandals in the family. In addition, the source said that the businessman “from the beginning of the year began to transfer assets to himself, to dismiss employees, in May it was all aggravated, everyone thought he was preparing the assets for sale”.

Medical examiners check whether Bosov was intoxicated before his death.

“A comprehensive forensic medical examination will be carried out, within the framework of which the presence of alcohol or drugs in Bosov’s blood will also be checked,” TASS quotes the words of its source in law enforcement agencies.

Dmitry Bosov began his career as a businessman with the founding of AOIF PIF - a representative office of the Kristall plant in Moscow. Together with graduates of MSTU. Bamuana, which he completed, Bosov founded the Alltech group. In 1997, it entered the capital of KrAZ. In 2004, Alltech acquired the West Siberian Resources oil company. The asset was bought back by Eduard Khudainatov in 2014.

After Bosov made unsuccessful attempts to obtain the right to export LNG. In 2015, the group sold 50.1% of its Pechora LNG project to Rosneft. In 2019, the project was frozen.

Bosov's coal assets looked more successful, but problems began here. After the foundation of the Sibanthracite group in 2018, Bosov immediately began negotiations on its sale. After the situation was complicated by the initiation of criminal proceedings against the leadership of the illegal mining of coal belonging to Bosov's Arctic mining company.

Bosov himself was accused by the former head of the Genius Fund Group structure working in the legal marijuana market of conspiracy, violation of the US labor law, and also demanded more than $ 1 million from him and other co-defendants.

For 2020, Forbes estimated Bosov’s fortune at $ 1.1 billion.