Ten villages are urgently evacuated near Ryazan after the fire outbreak of military warehouses
7 October , 20:14
Rescuers are urgently evacuating residents of several villages in the Ryazan region, located not far from the ammunition depot, to which a wildfire had spread earlier on Wednesday.

“The evacuation is carried out for residents of ten villages located within a radius of five kilometers from the military depot”, - Interfax writes, citing the press service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. In particular, residents of the villages of Lykovo, Nagornoye, Aleksandrovo and Chirkovo of the Skopinsky district were evacuated. To date, 1.6 thousand people have already been evacuated. Traffic on the P-22 Caspian road is now blocked. Suspended the work of two gas stations near the scene.

The means of the local fire and rescue garrison were pulled to the place of the fire, a fire train was used to extinguish the fire. If necessary, aviation will also be involved in extinguishing. In total, 100 people and 26 pieces of equipment are involved in eliminating the fire. The head of the rescue service, Evgeny Zinichev, flies to the scene.

Earlier it was noted that dry grass caught fire at military warehouses near the village of Shelemishevo, Skopinsky district. The fire spread to the warehouses themselves. The ammunition there started to explode.