To extinguish the warehouses in the Ryazan region, additional forces were required
8 October , 11:07
The Ministry of Defense has increased the ground grouping of forces and means to extinguish a fire in the warehouse and means to extinguish a fire in the territory of an ammunition storage warehouse in the Ryazan region. 650 soldiers take part in extinguishing.

At night, the military managed to hold ground reconnaissance technical area, reports Interfax. In the course of the reconnaissance, preliminary options for actions to eliminate the consequences of the fire were identified, said Deputy Defense Minister Dmitry Bulgakov, who is at the scene.

According to him, people who live near the arsenal have been resettled.

"Currently, there are just over 100 people in temporary residence centers, who are fully provided with food", - Bulgakov said.

Recall that on October 7, a wildfire occurred at an ammunition depot near the village of Zheltukhino, Ryazan Region, which spread to a closed military unit. The fire in the warehouses led to the detonation of the stored shells. Explosions of flying shells led to several new wildfires, and 10 houses burned down in neighboring villages. In particular, the flying fragments of ammunition set fire to the grass in the village of Kuzminki-2, located three kilometers from the military unit.