More than fifty residents of the suburbs were evacuated after the breaking of a dam
9 July , 11:09
Photo: АГН "Москва"
As a result of a dam breaking in the city of Ruza, Moscow Region, the rescuers evacuated 52 people.

According to the administration of the municipality, the water moving along the Gorodanka riverbed into the Ruza river washed away a private house on Krasnoarmeyskaya street. No injured.

“In order to avoid the other consequences, gas supply and electricity supply to parts of the streets were cut off”, - it was told in the statement.

Currently, rescue services are operating at the scene.

According to the governor of the Moscow Region Andrey Vorobyov, “maximum assistance” will be provided to all residents of the Ruzsky urban district, whose housing was affected by flooding.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations in the region noted that there will be no second wave of water level rise.

- There is no need to be afraid of the second wave anymore. Water is gone, breaking this bulk road. At the moment the possible damage is being assessed for those residents who live downstream there. there are no injured or dead, - RIAMO leads the words of the deputy head of EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow Region Sergei Voyna.