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Media: family of politician Akhmed Zakayev was kidnapped in Chechnya
11 September 2020, 10:19
Media: family of politician Akhmed Zakayev was kidnapped in Chechnya
Photo: deon.pl
In Chechnya, two sisters and two brothers of the Chechen politician Akhmed Zakayev, living in Great Britain, were detained and taken away in an unknown direction, Kavkaz.Realii reports, referring to Zakayev himself.

The publication points out that Zakayev connects the detentions with his statement in support of the opposition telegram channel 1ADAT, which publishes data on torture and extrajudicial detention, as well as other violations of human rights in Chechnya.

The politician said that right now his nephews are being detained - they are being taken away by unknown structures.

The head of the parliament of the Chechen Republic, Magomed Daudov, commented on Zakayev's video message, saying that he "will be in demand".

Let us recall that a video appeared on social networks in which unknown persons are torturing a 19-year-old Chechen activist Salman Tepsurkaev with a bottle. The young man is the moderator of the opposition chat. He managed to inform his comrades-in-arms that security officials in black uniform had come to him, but he did not open the door for them. Later he was kidnapped, and after a while a video of torture appeared on the network.

On September 8, Zakayev published a video message, calling the incident "the greatest shame". In a statement, he described himself as a moderator and admin of 1ADAT.