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Inspection of the Novosibirsk colony, where the prisoner was killed, has begun
12 November 2020, 09:58
Inspection of the Novosibirsk colony, where the prisoner was killed, has begun
Photo: fsin-mag.ru
In IK-13, located in the village of Ryasino, Ubinsky District, Novosibirsk Region, during a conflict between prisoners, one of them sustained injuries incompatible with life.

An ambulance team and law enforcement officers were called to the scene.

- In connection with the discovery on November 11 in a special regime colony (PKU IK-13 of the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service for the Novosibirsk Region in the village of Raisino, Ubinsky District), the corpse of a 39-year-old convict, the Novosibirsk Region Prosecutor's Office is conducting an on-site check. The Kuibyshev Prosecutor for Supervision of Compliance with Laws in Correctional Institutions and the Prosecutor of the Ubinsky District drove to the scene, '' RIA Novosti quoted the IC in the region as saying.

At the scene of the incident, prosecutors organized the work of an investigative and operational group, consisting of representatives of the Investigative Committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Novosibirsk region. The body was examined, the convicts were examined, and samples of clothing and blood were seized. A criminal case was initiated under the murder article.

The prosecutor's office began a comprehensive inspection of the colony's activities, including an assessment of the issue of compliance with the legislation on ensuring the regime and supervision and implementation of the legislation on operational-search activities.

Also, the inspection was organized by the GUFSIN in the region, reports TASS.

We will remind that earlier it was reported about a riot in this colony. According to "Taiga.info", the prisoners turned off the lights and "did not let the change of employees". However, the administration of the colony denied this information.

- They clarified that the information about the riot does not correspond to reality. When asked about the possible deceased, the interlocutor of the editorial office replied: “I don’t know,” the publication says.

IK-13 is a special regime colony, where repeat offenders are serving their sentences.