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Pilots' mistake was called the main version of the An-26 crash in Kamchatka
16 July, 12:19
Pilots' mistake was called the main version of the An-26 crash in Kamchatka
The Federal Air Transport Agency believes that the error of the pilots was the main reason for the crash of the An-26 passenger plane in Kamchatka, during which 28 people died.

After the incident, the Federal Air Transport Agency demanded to additionally explain to the pilots how to approach in mountainous terrain in order to prevent a collision with the ground, as well as in what cases it is better to interrupt the landing and go around. In addition, it is proposed to teach controllers to negotiate with pilots who have deviated from the course.

Experts managed to restore the development of events on the day of the disaster. To land, the pilots had to fly over the airfield, turn over the seas and land on the runway. To get to it, the pilots had to fit into a narrow opening. Due to low clouds and strong winds, the plane made a mistake on approach and deviated from the course to the right. The dispatcher informed the crew about this and forbade to lower the altitude, but due to unstable radio communications, the liner dropped 200 meters and flew into the top of the cliff at a speed of 340 kilometers per hour. The wreckage of the plane, along with passengers and crew members, crashed into the sea.

It is not clear yet why the experienced pilot made such a mistake, a Kommersant source commented.I cannot find any reasonable justification for such actions of the crew”, - he said. He added that the decryption of the negotiations could clarify the situation, however, it was not possible to find a tape recorder.

Let us remind you that the An-26 passenger plane flying from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to the village of Palana crashed on July 8 . On board were 28 people: six crew members and passengers, including two children. As a result of the plane crash, no one survived.