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Finance minister's former assistant killed in mine explosion
17 November 2021, 09:41
Finance minister's former assistant killed in mine explosion
Former assistant to the head of the Russian Ministry of Finance Mikhail Korobkin died in an explosion in a private house in Volgograd when a mortar mine detonated.

This is reported by REN TV and the Baza Telegram channel, citing their sources. "Novosti Volgograd" clarifies that the incident happened on November 15 in the Soviet district of Volgograd on the territory of the SNT "Tsentrtalny-2". There, the 67-year-old ex-assistant of Anton Siluanov, Mikhail Korobkin, tried to disassemble the ammunition during the Great Patriotic War. He clamped the mine in a vice and sawed it off, but at that moment it exploded.

Korobkin was severely wounded in the abdomen and chest, from which he died. The body of the deceased was found by his wife. Note that in Korobkin's house there were various cartridges and gunpowder - he collected weapons and equipment from the Second World War.

It's worth that Mikhail Korobkin was an assistant to the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov until 2019.