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In St. Petersburg, former Senator Sabadash was detained for stealing 100 million rubles
27 January 2021, 09:38
In St. Petersburg, former Senator Sabadash was detained for stealing 100 million rubles
The Kolpinsky District Court of St. Petersburg ruled on the arrest of a twice convicted pedagogue, ex-member of the Federation Council from the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Alexander Sabadash, in connection with a new case of fraud with money from Tavrichesky Bank.

The arrest of Sabadash will last until March 19. The court granted the petition of the investigators, who motivated, among other things, the presence of his American citizenship and the presence of real estate in France.

The investigation insists on the version according to which Sabadash, together with some unidentified persons, stole 100 million rubles from the Tavrichesky bank in 2013. He was able to do it, the investigators clarify, having issued a loan to Norfolk LLC in the absence of an opinion on the financial condition of the borrower, in violation of the established procedure for approving and issuing loans and having no intention of returning the debt.

In addition, in 2015, the Gagarinsky Court of Moscow found Sabadash proven guilty in the case of attempted fraud when refunding VAT at 1.8 billion rubles. According to the investigation, the Vyborg Cellulose company of Sabadash attracted Es-Kontraktstroy LLC to carry out construction work for 12 billion US dollars.

According to Interfax, referring to Sabadash's lawyer Tatyana Zhuravleva, on January 25, the businessman was detained on the territory of SIZO-1 “Kresty” in St. Petersburg immediately after being released from serving a sentence for fraud with funds of JSC “Tavrichesky Bank”. The verdict in this case was passed in 2017. In November last year, we recall, Sabadash was accused of embezzling over 458 million rubles from the same bank and legalizing money by paying for fake international contracts for the supply of molds for the production of glass bottles worth about 489 million rubles.

On January 15 of this year, Sabadash was placed under house arrest, but the prosecutors did not agree with the chosen measure of restraint and appealed against the decision of the Smolninsky District Court.

The Tavricheskiy bank itself, we recall, in 2014 stopped making payments. The following year, the organization introduced external management. The MFC Bank was later appointed as a sanator.