"It won't be possible to put his hands and feet together..." Conversations of participants of the murder of Pavel Sheremet disclosed
5 January , 02:34
The media obtained materials proving the involvement of the top leadership of Belarus in the elimination of political opponents and, in particular, in the elimination of Pavel Sheremet (pictured).

Let us remind you that Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian journalist Pavel Sheremet was killed on July 20, 2016 in Kiev. His car was blown up by unknown persons. Until now, it has not been possible to establish those responsible for his death.

Former employee of the Belarusian special forces Igor Makar sent the above materials to Brussels for further investigation, and also sent the audio recording to the Internet publication EUobserver. According to The Insider, Igor Makar said he was ready to confirm all the information in court.

On an audio recording made in April 2012, the supposedly ex-head of the KGB, Vadim Zaitsev, together with two members of the Alpha special unit, discusses ways of eliminating political opponents of Alexander Lukashenko.

The audio also mentions journalist Pavel Sheremet, who "irked too much".

“Let's make an inserting of some kind and so on, so that this rat, fu***, absolutely, fu*** will not collect arms or legs. Everything to be as natural as possible”, - allegedly ex-head of the KGB Vadim Zaitsev says in audio.

According to The Insider, ex-special forces soldier Igor Makar also attached some documents to the operational development carried out by the KGB to reveal all of Sheremet's movements to the letter to the official structures of Brussels for an objective investigation. They contain information about the journalist's car and place of residence in Moscow, his contacts and telephone numbers.

Obviously, for the regime of Alexander Lukashenko, the consequences of such a publication will be very unfavorable. It can be suggested that new sanctions will be adopted against the official Minsk.

Earlier in December 2020, representatives of the European Union (EU) countries agreed on a new, already the third package of sanctions against Belarus. This time he included not only representatives of the authorities, but also a number of Belarusian companies.

Sanctions against the Belarusian authorities began to be adopted after the brutal dispersal of protest actions in Belarus. The actions have been going on for more than four months after the last presidential elections in Belarus in August. The CEC then named them the winner of the long-term head of the country Alexander Lukashenko, with which a significant part of society did not agree.

The first sanctions package, which was adopted by the EU on October 2, mentioned 40 Belarusian officials - security officials (representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the KGB) and CEC members, in respect of whom personal restrictions were imposed. The second sanctions package was adopted on November 6: the European Union imposed restrictions on not only 14 high-ranking officials, but also on Alexander Lukashenko himself and his son and assistant Viktor Lukashenko. The head of the Presidential Administration Igor Sergeenko, the head of the KGB Ivan Tertelya, the head of the Investigative Committee Ivan Noskevich, the head of the OAC Andrei Pavlyuchenko, the press secretary of Alyaksandr Lukashenka Natalya Eismont and other Belarusian officials were subject to restrictions.