Oddities of faith: the patriarch with an icon drove around the Moscow Ring Road silently and without comment
6 April , 08:39
For more than half an hour, viewers of the Orthodox channel "Spas" without any comments could watch the passage of a motorcade of expensive German cars today. Then a sound appeared on the hitherto silent channel - it was a prayer. At the same time, a caption appeared informing that the Patriarch was traveling in the district ...

Oleg Goryunov

The author of this article is a believer, and, of course, in the difficult hour that has come, he turns to faith, and we have it on the Spas channel.

So what?

I almost lost my mind - on this channel you could see the passage of Mercedes on the Moscow Ring Road.

An experienced journalist (this is me to myself) decided that the Patriarch’s passage accidentally appeared on the air, but - NO!

This Patriarch is driving through the Moscow Ring Road, as follows from the credits, with an icon and a prayer ...

Judging by the voice, he said the prayer NOT THE PATRIARCH !!!!!

He is not visible in the frame, even Cyril did not get out into the hatch of the Mercedes and did not stick out the icon ...

Save me, God!