Exclusion from the Communist Party of the Moscow City Duma deputy Elena Shuvalova was implemented with the participation of the Special police force
7 June , 21:22
Today, the Plenum of the Moscow City Committee of the Communist Party expelled from its' ranks the Moscow City Duma deputy Elena Shuvalova. The party leadership accused one of the most prominent deputies of the Moscow State Duma of insubordination to party discipline.

Irina Mishina

The plenum lasted more than 6 hours. According to those present, there were about 50 people in the hall. The result of the vote on the "personal file of the Communist E.A. Shuvalova" is as follows: ten people are against, two abstained. The rest voted to expel Elena Shuvalova from the Communist Party.

“The vote was held under pressure from management. State Duma deputy Denis Parfyonov reported on the personal case of Elena Shuvalova. Nobody wanted to listen to the votes of its voters, people from grassroots party organizations”, - Roman Klimentyev, secretary of the Zamoskvoretsky district committee of the Communist Party’s Moscow branch, told NI.

This plenum was postponed several times. First, Elena Shuvalova was officially notified: the chairman of the Communist Party of the Communist Party Valery Rashkin appointed a plenum for some reason in the building of the Communist Party regional committee on Nagatinskaya Street. The regional committee, apparently, refused to provide premises for expelling Shuvalova from the party. After long negotiations, the Plenum of the Communist Party’s Moscow City Committee was moved to the Izmailovo hotel complex, in the Gamma-Delta building, in the Moscow conference hall. Hall rental, one can assume, cost the Moscow organization of the Communist Party is not cheap.

The question arises: why such a rush with the exception of Shuvalova and why did the disciplined communists decide to hold such a massive event contrary to quarantine measures? By the way, at the very beginning, the Special police force (OMON) was even called into the conference room in connection with the violation of epidemiological safety measures. But the meeting nevertheless took place. To whom and why was it so necessary to get rid of the communist Shuvalova so quickly?

The main thing that was incriminated to her was disobedience to the decisions of higher authorities, bringing discord into the faction, communication with liberal figures - in particular, with Alexei Navalny. Unfortunately, neither Valery Rashkin nor the Secretary of the Communist Party’s Moscow City Committee Pavel Tarasov commented on “NI” the decision to expel Elena Shuvalova from the Communist Party. However, we managed to get the comment of the press secretary of Gennady Zyuganogv - Alexander Yushchenko . “As far as I know, Elena Anatolyevna Shuvalova, without coordination with the faction and higher party bodies, brought Alexei Navalny to the round table in Moscow City Duma. The Communist Party faction in the Moscow City Duma was at a loss: how can you block yourself with such liberal-minded figures who never were close to the Communist Party”, - Alexander Yushchenko explained.

Let us recall: on November 29, 2019, a round table was planned in the Moscow City Duma on the topic “Expropriation without sentence. Sophisticated methods of dealing with objectionable. "At this event, among others, politician Alexei Navalny and Anti-corruption fund's lawyer Lyubov Sobol registered. However, at the last moment, the round table was canceled, the application for it was withdrawn without warning by the head of the Communist Party faction in the Moscow parliament, Nikolai Zubrilin. But the "round table" still took place and was held in Shuvalova’s office. In fairness, it is worth noting that Navalny did not come to the Moscow City Duma at the invitation of Shuvalova - he was also led through the corridors of the Moscow State Duma by another deputy — the communist, Yekaterina Engalycheva. However, no one made any complaints to her.

“Elena Anatolyevna Shuvalova was also charged with the fact that she voted against the budget in the Moscow City Duma, although the Communist Party of Moscow Communist Party was instructed to vote for the budget,” explained Roman Klimentyev, secretary of the Zamoskvoretsky district committee of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Here again, it is worth noting that Elena Shuvalova was not the only one who voted against the budget. Ekaterina Engalycheva also voted in the same way, reinforcing her position with a bright speech. However, no complaints were made to her at the MGK CPRF...

We decided to find out the reasons for the discrepancies with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation from the source — from Elena Shuvalova herself. “I have always followed the orders of my voters. The main thing for me was the opinion of members of grassroots party organizations. But the “top” of the Communist Party did not like the fact that I was the only one in the Moscow City Duma against the federal law on renovation - despite pressure from the chairman of the Moscow branch of the Communist Party Valery Rashkin. I also voted against the budget, as I believe: the budget proposed in its current form is the pumping of Muscovites' money into the pockets of owners of transport and construction companies. Before voting like that, I consulted with my voters in the Tver, Tagansky, Zamoskvoretsky districts, in Yakimanka. That is, she simply expressed the will of her voters. Also, many did not like the fact that I spoke out against the legalization of remote electronic voting. It takes place on the basis of the portal mos.ru, that is, it is fully controllable. With my expulsion from the party, they were in a hurry also because, apparently, they thought: my position would impede the turnout for voting on amendments to the Constitution”, - Moscow City Duma deputy Elena Shuvalova said to NI.

Well, what about the principle of democratic centralism, on which the Communist Party relies? “I am for party discipline. But I, following democratic centralism, rely on the opinion of ordinary party members. The leaders of the Moscow City Commitee Communist Party ignored their opinion. In fact, they replaced democratic centralism with the principle: “I am the boss, you are the fool”, - Elena Shuvalova told NI.

“The personal file of Elena Shuvalova” is not just a consideration of the issue of non-compliance with the discipline. Shuvalova recently has become perhaps the most prominent figure in the Communist Party. How will her exclusion influence on the image of the party?

“Unfortunately, a conservative scenario prevailed today. On the one hand, the party has grown an effective, vibrant politician. On the other hand, the laws of party discipline in the Communist Party have always been tough. And vivid politicians cannot obey all the laws of party discipline, this is inevitable, ”commented political analyst Abbas Galliamov on Novye Izvestia’s exclusion from the Communist Party of the Communist Party. - Now one thing is obvious: the party has lost one of its iconic figures. Shuvalova was charged with communication with the liberal opposition. Obviously, the Communist Party was afraid because of these ties to lose the base voter. But there is a risk that with the expulsion of the Shuvalova Communist Party from the party, the protest voter will lose. Whether it is so or not, the results of the Duma elections will show”, - said Abbas Gallyamov.

What will happen to Elena Shuvalova next is difficult to predict. “After being expelled from the party, Elena Anatolyevna will find it difficult and most likely impossible to register with another party organization. The situation is generally tragic. The status of the party guarded it as a political figure. Deprivation of status means that it will be easier to deal with it. Shuvalova is not comfortable for Sobyanin, she makes serious requests, she is uncompromising and incorruptible. It was impossible to break it. What will happen now - no one undertakes to predict. In addition, as far as I know, Elena Shuvalova is a convinced communist. Therefore, for her, exclusion from the Communist Party in general does not change anything in terms of her position”, - said Roman Klimentyev, secretary of the Communist Party’s deputy district committee in Moscow, to NI.

One way or another, Elena Shuvalova remains a deputy of the Moscow City Duma, elected immediately from four districts of the capital - Tagansky, Zamoskvoretsky, Tverskoy and Yakimanka. By the way, Gennady Zyuganov is registered in the Tverskoy District Committee, and party card No. 1, issued to Ulyanov-Lenin, is still kept in Zamoskvoretsky...