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Find Dad... How a seventh grader from Moscow fights for alimony with his father, a banker
8 February 2021, 11:23
Find Dad... How a seventh grader from Moscow fights for alimony with his father, a banker
In Moscow, the court restored alimony proceedings against the ex-head of the National Corporate Bank, Maxim Voronin. The other day, a well-known banker and landlord transferred 12.5 thousand rubles for the maintenance of a minor son. To receive this amount, the seventh grader went through more than one trial...

Julia Suntsova

The banker's ex-girlfriend Rosa Abdullina won the child support court back in 2007. Then Kirill was one year old, and his father no longer lived with them. According to the court's decision, 25 percent of the father's earnings were to be deducted monthly for the maintenance of the child until his majority. But the enforcement proceedings ended before they started. On December 6, 2007, the writ of execution was sent for execution at the debtor's place of work - to the National Corp.bank, but already in the accounting department, as follows from further court rulings, the document was suddenly “lost”. The work of the bailiffs in this case also stalled.

Отношения Миссис Москвы-2006 Розы Абдуллиной с бизнесменом Максимом Ворониным резко изменились после того, как она забеременела. С Рублёвки пришлось съехать, а сына воспитывать одной

And in 2016, the bank itself suspended its activities. “National Corpbank” JSC violated banking laws and regulations of the Bank of Russia in assessing credit risk. As a result of fulfilling the requirements of the supervisory authority for the formation of reserves adequate to the accepted risks, the amount of equity (capital) of the credit institution decreased to a critical value”, - follows from the information on the Central Bank website.

It seems that Rosa herself has resigned herself to the "costs of bureaucracy". A year after giving birth, at the invitation of a friend, she took part in the beauty contest "Mrs. Moscow" and won. Then, according to her own stories, Maxim Voronin showed up again and offered a hand and a heart, but soon disappeared again.

Until 2020, Rosa was running a small business in the field of trade and moonlighting in a taxi. I bought an apartment in the west of Moscow. Raised a son without a father.

But a year ago it became known about a serious illness. An operation was required, for which they asked for 240 thousand rubles. It was necessary to wait for a free operation on a quota for an unknown amount of time, and the condition worsened. Rosa fainted while driving, in public transport, in shops.

Когда сыну исполнилось 14 лет, он попытался сам разыскать "звездных" отца и деда. Но они находиться не торопились

At that moment, in the summer of 2020, amazing stories appeared in the press about how the 14-year-old son of billionaire banker Maxim Voronin, the grandson of the ex-Deputy Minister of Industry of Russia Gennady Voronin, is looking for his famous relatives. Kirill drew posters with the words "Help to find dad and grandfather" and for a month went out with them to pickets on the Taras Shevchenko embankment, spent the night on a rug under the doors of elite apartments on Rublyovka and Kutuzovsky Prospekt, in the bushes in a village in Ramensky district, where, according to his assumption , grandfather and grandmother lived, recorded video messages...

The teenager, who had never seen his father live, tried to reach out to his parent in such a non-standard way and ask for money for an operation for his mother.

Отец написал сыну только после серии публичных пикетов на улицах Москвы

It worked to some extent. After the public outcry, Rose was still underwent a free operation - doctors from the Volyn hospital helped with an extraordinary quota. And Kirill himself received, as he says, the first SMS in 14 years from his father. Voronin Sr. asked his son "not to discredit his mother".

Rosa learned about her son's activity literally in a hospital bed, when the police announced that they had taken the child for vagrancy and handed over to social services.

And then the sixth grader had to grow up beyond his years in order to fight one-on-one with the state bureaucratic machine, clumsy to human rights.

"I never met or spoke with my father. Now mom is at home, and she is better. Even in the summer, when we went out into the air on the embankment, we walked only a couple of hundred meters and that's it - my mother couldn't go further from the pain. At that time, I just wanted to find my father and ask for money. It seemed to me that this is the second person closest to me, and, frankly, I did not understand how you can not get in touch with your girlfriend, son, when it is so difficult with health. It seemed to me that this is not human. I thought that we would meet, talk, and he would help”, - Kirill Voronin told Novye Izvestia.

But neither father, nor grandparents, nor other relatives on the paternal side responded.

The correspondent of Novye Izvestia also tried to contact Maxim Voronin, but he disappeared from social networks, and the subscriber was unavailable by phone. Other journalists also fail to contact the businessman.

“Ninety-eight properties were found on my father's. He has a bunch of real estate, land, hotels, shops in Russia and abroad, billions are circulating in various projects, and 12,500 rubles of alimony came to us yesterday. I don't even know what to say here..."

Immediately after the operation, Rosa was summoned to the commission on juvenile affairs.

"Even before the operation, I informed the juvenile affairs inspector that a planned hospitalization was being prepared. The boy is self-sustainable, he has no other close relatives, he needed to be allowed to stay in the apartment alone, not taken anywhere while I was away. And then, as it seemed to me, they heard me and they went to meet me. But after the operation, the inspector called and asked to appear, allegedly for some formalities: “You just need to close the case”, - told Rosa.

As a result, according to the parent, she was in a hurry asked to sign some blank forms - as if the inspector urgently needed to run to the meeting.

When the son who was waiting on the street heard about the blank forms, he made his mother return to the office. It turned out that the mother had signed a notice on the drawing up of a protocol on parental failure. A number of such protocols allow the Juvenile Commission to apply for termination of parental rights.

В Соцзащите извиняются за сложившуюся ситуацию, но с получением алиментов не помогают

Administrative proceedings were initiated. A lot of press came to the court. The inspectors, as it turned out, even for some reason tried to pin psychiatric illnesses and a criminal record on Rosa Abdullina, which was easily refuted by a certificate ordered from state services.

In the end, the judge settled on a warning about parental failure.

Rosa is now continuing her treatment. “In 2020 alone, there were three surgeries,” she says. She works, according to her, remotely: makes websites, leads advertising projects, but it's hard to stay able to work all day.

12.500 рублей. В феврале от отца поступили первые за 14 лет алименты.

All judicial troubles and bureaucratic interactions fell on the shoulders of the 14-year-old son.

Kirill has an Instagram account, where he tells step by step how he is winning his right to alimony. A lawyer friend helps him to submit applications and appeals to various authorities.

On a social network, he shares how he makes an appointment with the chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, how he files a complaint against the lawlessness of the Commission on Minors, how he fights the Federal Bailiff Service because of their inaction, how he tries to institute against his father a criminal case for fictitious bankruptcy and is looking for his hidden real estate and accounts...

"We are losing everywhere. We are told that we lost the writ of execution, although the court has already established that the bailiffs lost it. My mother was ill, lived with bleeding for a year, she had three operations, and at this time the inspector divorces my mother to sign blank forms, forges a signature, threatens with a psychiatrist. The judge refused to give me testimony and retains the decision of the commission on affairs of minor, but should have canceled it and opened a criminal case against the inspector. Everyone sends unsubscriptions. Most of all I liked the formal reply from the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Moscow: they apologize for the current situation, but they did not help with the payment of alimony. The bailiffs refuse to work, citing the virus. Why are all these organizations needed at all?", - says Kirill.

Today, various human rights organizations are trying to help the teenager and his mother. The law firm of Yekaterina Gordon will represent the interests of the child in court in the case against the Commission on Minors' Affairs - to challenge the protocol on improper performance of parental duties.

The Bar Association "For Human Rights" helped through the court to obtain duplicates of the writ of execution "lost" in the accounting department of JSC National Corp., as well as a court decision of 2007 on the recovery of alimony.

"There is one more sad moment in this story. As I know from the words of the family, after the resumption of enforcement proceedings, the father is trying to bankrupt his individual entrepreneur and himself as an individual. The arbitration court is scheduled for March. If his idea of avoiding financial responsibility works out, then it becomes very difficult to receive even those scanty 12.5 thousand.

For our part, we will do everything for the boy to receive the alimony due to him, we will include him in the list of priority creditors in connection with the attempt to bankrupt his father. The son's father recognizes and has always recognized. Of course, I would like such delicate family matters to be resolved through negotiations. But in this story, the father took a defensive position and, apparently, cut all ties with his son. I have never voiced my position to the press. When an agreement fails, it is unfortunately necessary to use legal and judicial instruments. We undertook to help this boy, firstly, because he had already come a long way and turned to us himself. Secondly, I really want that after all these butting with numerous state institutions, the guy still has faith that there is justice, and that even when his own father leaves, and the juvenile affairs inspectorate is trying to take away the mother, adults will always stand nearby. who will help”, - says Yulia Guseynova, a lawyer and a member of the Bar Association For Human Rights.