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Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Mihajlovic said Lavrov's visit created difficulties
9 June, 11:39
Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Mihajlovic said Lavrov's visit created difficulties
According to Zorana Mihajlovic, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Mining and Energy of Serbia (pictured), the visit of the Russian Foreign Minister to the republic put Belgrade and President Aleksandar Vucic in a difficult position, so it is good that it was postponed.

"The very announcement of the visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has already become a complication for Serbia and President Aleksandar Vučić . We are trying to survive in the energy, financial and political sense at a moment that is really difficult, and I think that the last thing we need is for world issues to be resolved through our back", - said Mihajlovic.

It's worth reminding that Bulgaria, Montenegro and North Macedonia closed their airspace so as not to miss the plane of the Russian Foreign Minister. His visit was scheduled to Belgrade on June 6-7. Then Lavrov invited his Serbian colleague to visit Moscow.

Mihajlović stressed that Russia and Serbia are "the best friends", which means that official Moscow should have understood the risks for Belgrade:

"If they are our friends, because they say that they are friends, then they should not have planned their arrival at that moment, so as not to go to the other extreme and so that I would not say that they should have asked us to impose sanctions against them. I think it's good that the Russian minister has not come to visit Serbia now, and we should think about our future path, and Serbia has clearly decided on the path to the European Union, which President Vucic also said".

Earlier, the Serbian President stated that he was not surprised by the refusal of neighboring countries to let Lavrov's plane through, since Belgrade was regularly attacked. He admitted that “in endless negotiations” Serbia was required to cancel the reception of the Russian minister.

As reported on June 4 by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, Lavrov was scheduled to meet with President Vucic, talks with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Chairman of the National Assembly.