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Tens of thousands of Germans opposed restriction of rights and freedoms caused by Covid-19
12 May 2020, 19:05
Tens of thousands of Germans opposed restriction of rights and freedoms caused by Covid-19
In Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and other German cities, the protests against quarantine and restrictions on civil rights took place.

Rallies and demonstrations were organized by the “Dissenters” movement, which considers the horror stories of state-owned media about the coronavirus as dangerous for a free civil society.

Oleg Goryunov

The first demonstrations took place in Germany the week before - May 2. They swept across the country, despite the limited number of participants in mass events during the coronavirus. According to German anti-Covid-19 laws, no more than 20 people had the right to participate in them.

Already the first steps of the German people towards the restoration of their constitutional rights gathered thousands of people in the squares. The authorities immediately responded to this - on May 4, the “allowed number” of protesters was more than doubled — that is, not 20, but 50 Germans got the right to express their thoughts on the street, which did not correspond to the thoughts of A. Merkel and members of parliament.

2 мая, г.Штутгарт

After the first demonstrations in Germany, the authorities took another bold step - the children were allowed to visit the playgrounds. This relaxation of self-isolation measures occurred on May 2, when in Stuttgart, not 20 people came to the central square of the city, but 2.5 thousand ...

The German authorities drew attention, apparently, not only to the number of dissatisfied burghers, but also to the slogans with which people went out: " Merkel and company - resign!" and " We are for the Basic Law" (for the Constitution - approx. author of the article).

German state media immediately called the rally participants supporters of right-wing radical movements. This did not bother people who consider measures to combat coronavirus a violation of their rights and freedoms: on May 9 and 10, tens of thousands of Germans took part in essentially anti-government rallies.

It is noteworthy that in no German city, except Berlin, did the police intervene in what was happening - they didn’t bring civilians into their cars, didn’t beat them with batons, and as a result, not a single plastic bottle was thrown at any police officer in Germany, nor falsely shoulder of the law enforcement officer was not injured.

By the way, unlike the Russian peaceful demonstrations, the Germans behaved quite aggressively - in almost all cities when police appeared, they were taken into the ring, shouting insulting exclamations, but in response to the law enforcement officers simply left the crowded places.

Мода снимать защитные шлемы была заведена, разумеется, во Франции: Турин 2013 год

Moreover, in Munich, as a sign of solidarity with their citizens, the police took off their protective masks and helmets.

Немецкие полицейские в анти-коронавирусных "чулках"

By the way, about the masks worn by police in Germany - it was they who caused a storm of indignation among the Germans. The thing is that having removed their helmets, law enforcement officers also demonstrated their disregard for the coronavirus - the masks were made of transparent mesh fabric, which the local wits immediately called "stockings".

Now let's move on from the topic of freedom of speech and assembly to the main topic: the reasons that made half Germany to oppose self-isolation.

An important, and perhaps the main role in this was played not by a politician or a scientist, but by a simple journalist - Ken Yebsen.

Это интервью переведено на русский язык

His interview with a professor of medicine was a real discovery for a significant part of the German people - it stated that the coronavirus "is not as scary as it is painted."

Here are some points from Dr. Susharita Bhakdi:

- This virus does not lead to disease in 100% of cases, such as rabies virus. 1,000 people got rabies, which means 1,000 people will die! If 1,000 people become infected with coronavirus, more than 900 people will survive - this is a fact.

- The statistics of infected people does not mean anything - you need to know how many people have become infected, but for some reason they do not keep such statistics.

- Coronavirus is a new virus, but viruses appear every year. There are viruses, I can name only two of these viruses that are sure to kill, but the coronavirus does not apply to them.

- Coronavirus like flu. If a person was sick a lot before Covid-19 — it could have been the flu or flu infections, then the person has enough antibodies, and the virus cannot spread so quickly in his body, nor can he spread across the planet at high speed. Therefore, there are people who do not get coronavirus at all, there are people who get sick in a mild form and there are people who get sick in a severe form, but they usually have many other chronic diseases.

- You can get infected mainly by aerosol - if someone coughed or sneezed at you. Maintaining a “social distance” with people who do not cough or sneeze is completely pointless. If you do not cough, then you are not contagious.

- Maybe 90% of people carry coronavirus and do not notice anything - there are no such statistics yet ...

- If you have suffered this infection, then you can no longer be re-infected, because antibodies have developed in your body.

“I am outraged and scared that they are attacking you with ignorance - that’s why it was necessary to close schools?” Children would be asymptomatic, and collective protection would be greater. The media and politicians can now do whatever they want, but on the basis of what knowledge do they do it?

- First of all, it is necessary to protect the “risk group” - elderly people with chronic diseases, and especially with heart diseases and lung diseases.

- I have lost faith in the Ministry of Health and my faith in those who advise politicians who are unknown who advises.

- If people are limited in their fundamental rights, constitutional rights are limited, then this should be damn well-founded, damn good. And if there are other opinions on this matter, many other opinions - not only my opinion, and the opinions of people who understand this, who do not hear and do not speak with them - this is not good!

- I come from Thailand, but two years ago I decided to become a German, because in my homeland in recent years they sharply limited the rights of Thais, and this year they also sharply limited the rights of all Germans. And people voluntarily agreed to limit their rights - that’s why I decided to oppose this.


The professor of medicine, Dr. Susharita Bhakdi, on March 29 posted on the Internet his open letter of appeal to Angela Merkel, which criticized the measures to combat coronavirus rather critically, the authorities did not hear him, but, as history shows, that is, the holding of mass protests, - heard tens of thousands of Germans.