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Zelensky offered to discuss with Putin his article on the unity of two nations
13 July, 15:25
Zelensky offered to discuss with Putin his article on the unity of two nations
Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said he is ready to discuss with Russian President Vladimir Putin his article on the historical unity of the Ukrainian and Russian peoples. Putin published an article on this issue the day before.

It's worth reminding that in this article Putin cited facts from the history proving the unity of the two nations, and also expressed regret that relations between the two countries had deteriorated. The reason for this is the mistakes of the leaders of the two countries, as well as the policy of the western neighbors, aimed at turning the country against Russia.

"Some of the things that he (Putin - editor's note) Wrote, we could say. I would provide him with a lot of material that could be used in another article", - Zelensky said. At the same time, the Ukrainian president admitted that he had not read the article to the end, but promised to finish reading and give an answer to it, especially since the article was written in Ukrainian.

We'd like to remind that Putin promised to write an article about the unity of the two peoples during a direct line with the president. After which Zelensky said that Russia and Ukraine have nothing in common, except for the history, memory and victory over fascism. If Ukrainians and Russians are one nation, then "hryvnia would have cycled in Moscow and over the State Duma there would flatter Ukrainian flag", - said Zelensky. He also added that there would be no war in Donbass, since friendly peoples do not attack each other.