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Russia demanded a response from the United States after NBC's report on Crimea
18 September 2020, 09:21
Russia demanded a response from the United States after NBC's report on Crimea
Photo: news-front.info
The Russian Embassy in Washington has expressed concern about an NBC report that refers to American support for “Ukrainian units” in Crimea.

- Statements in NBC News report on the participation of the US in the "Ukrainian units fighting with Russian forces in the Crimea", - were noted by the Embassy with a deep concern, - is said in a statement of the Embassy to Facebook.

The diplomats note that in the report, unnamed US officials claim that their country supports terrorist activities in third countries and specifically in the Russian Federation.

“If this is true, and not the geographic myopia of the channel, then we demand that the American side clarify whether Washington directly or indirectly helped the SBU in organizing terrorist attacks against Crimeans,” the Russian embassy said.

The American TV channel mentioned "Ukrainian units in Crimea" in the context of rumors about awards to the Taliban from Moscow for the murder of American soldiers. According to the authors of the report, this was "retaliation" by the United States for supporting "Ukrainian units in Crimea." The Kremlin has already denied this information, as well as in the White House. The US military said it was skeptical about such reports.

Let us recall that in early September, American strategic bombers B-52, which are capable of carrying nuclear weapons, flew up to Crimea from Ukraine. They took off from an airbase in England, then, after entering the airspace of Ukraine, flew over the coast of the Azov Sea near the DPR and the northern shores of the Crimean peninsula.

Even earlier, the US Air Force planes simulated bombing on the approach to the Crimea.