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The United States stripped 35 Russian state websites of protection
18 September 2020, 16:21
The United States stripped 35 Russian state websites of protection
Among the Internet resources that were left without an SSL-certificate were the Kremlin site and the site of the FSB.

Some time ago Internet users noticed one strange thing: the letter "s" from the "https" prefix suddenly disappeared from the official website of the President of Russia - http://www.kremlin.ru/. According to experts, this means that the connection to such sites was left without any protection.

Soon the solution became known: it turns out that the United States officially revoked the SSL certificate, which testifies to the authenticity of the sites at once from 35 (!) Russian portals, most likely, all of them are state-owned. This list includes the official Internet portal of the FSB of Russia.

American IT businessman Michael Talan said this in an interview with Ukrainian propagandist Dmitry Gordon. According to him, the United States canceled the certificate of the Kremlin website, the website of the FSB of the Russian Federation and others as a "punishment".

Moreover, the journalist Alexander Malkevich in his telegrams channel reported that the US government intends to deprive the SSL-certificate of IT-giant "Yandex" and "Mail Address":

“So, maybe this is the very case when we need to answer? Or will we again pretend that nothing is happening?"

Publicist Ilya Vaytsman commented on this juicy situation:

“Yes, and keep in mind if you see “just http” somewhere, then you should know: all your communication with this site can be read by anyone and in any way. Do you need it?


And still the problem is not solved!!! And these people are whistling something to us about the safety!"