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The State Duma will consider the law on the recognition of individuals as foreign agents
18 November 2020, 15:47
The State Duma will consider the law on the recognition of individuals as foreign agents
Photo: Правозащитный центр "Мемориал"
A group of senators and deputies submitted to the State Duma a bill allowing individuals to be recognized as foreign agents.

The developers of the bill want foreign natural persons to be deprived of the right to hold positions in the state and municipal service, as well as to be admitted to state secrets.

“When proposing a package of amendments, we say: you get money for your activities from abroad - please register as a foreign agent and work, but at the same time inform the state authorities and citizens of Russia about the interests of which state you are acting, what activities you plan and spend how you spend money issued by foreign sponsors", - TASS quotes the statement of one of the authors of the bill, the head of the Security and Anti-Corruption Committee Vasily Piskarev.

In addition to individuals, the deputies propose to include unregistered public associations engaged in political activities and receiving foreign funding for this in the category of foreign agents.

When included in the register of foreign agents, these associations will be forced to send reports to the Ministry of Justice of Russia on the volume and purpose of financing from abroad and on the spending of these funds. In addition, the law will oblige all foreign agents to put appropriate markings on their materials, similar requirements will be imposed on the media, which decide to cite statements of foreign agents in their publications.

If a person receiving foreign funding wants to run for parliament, he will be obliged to inform the electoral commission about this and to mark all his election campaign in a special way.

The drafters of the bill proposed to ban unregistered public associations and foreign media outlets, which are recognized as foreign agents, from participating in elections.

Earlier, the State Duma received another draft law that prohibits the use of information about NGOs - foreign agents in the media, as well as any of their materials without appropriate labeling.

Some human rights activists have compared the law on mandatory labeling of foreign agents with the “yellow stars law” - humiliating insignia that the Nazis used during the Holocaust to label Jews in the occupied territories under Hitler's control.