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The Belarusian authorities have found their main enemies - a 22-year-old student and his workmate
20 August 2020, 14:58
The Belarusian authorities have found their main enemies - a 22-year-old student and his workmate
Lukashenko seriously claims that all the protests in the country were organized and are being carried out by only two people using Polish money.

Network analyst Andrey Nalgin turned his attention to Lukashenko's exposure of the role in the Belarusian protests of the authors of the incredibly popular NEXTA telegram channel: 22-year-old student of a Polish university Stepan Putilo and his 25-year-old workmate Roman Protasevich, a former Euroradio journalist who asked for asylum in Poland... By the way, NEXTA also has two branches - NEXTA Live and Luxta, through which, in the opinion of many, all protest activities in this country are coordinated, up to the development of symbols worn by the protesters.

NEXTA and its followers successfully oppose the state media and by the beginning of the election campaign more than half a million Belarusians were subscribed to it, which is about 10% of the electorate. It was NEXTA who called Belarusians to street protests against falsification of the voting results, and also gave a lot of useful advice on how to behave at rallies, how to dress, how to keep in touch, how to resist the security forces, whom the channel immediately called fascists and punishers.

Lukashenko is sure that the Polish special services are behind NEXTA, and he is financed, among other things, by the Polish Foreign Ministry.

All these revelations, of course, have some basis, Nalgin believes, but in his opinion, on the whole, this is pure "conspiracy theory", which dictators are so keen on, and not only Lukashenko.

But what does it look like in reality? The analyst sneers:

“Here was such a typical apolitical Belarusan sitting in the kitchen, in the spirit of the national idea “would be there a cup - there also would be a crackling”, then looked at the official results of the presidential elections, read five instructions in NEXTA - and let's go out into the street, fight the police? Moreover, there were not one, not two, but thousands, even tens of thousands of such idiots..."

That is, the citizens of the country see beauty and cleanliness around, but suddenly they read NEXTA - and then everything will change! It turns out that everything is not just bad, but very bad! And right there in anger he will run out into the street to kill cops and officials!

Is it real? - the analyst asks a rhetorical question.

“Or maybe the whole point is that the irremovable president has really gotten sick, even if not all, but many? That real life is not at all as blissful and communist as in the reports of BelTV, and that the long-term economic stagnation has turned into a deterioration in the quality of life for millions of Belarusians? Maybe that is why the shameless falsifications at polling stations and the demonstrative brutality of law enforcement agencies against initially really peaceful protests became the very last straw?