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“Citizens are behind us”: United Russia explained the reluctance to go to the front
21 September, 16:41
“Citizens are behind us”: United Russia explained the reluctance to go to the front
Photo: Русская планета
State Duma deputy, United Russia Dmitry Vyatkin explained his and his colleagues’ reluctance to go to war during the period of mobilization by saying that it was “easy” to do so, but inappropriate, since “citizens” are behind them.

According to the CHTD telegram channel, the deputy made such a statement during his public speech from the podium.

“Sometimes it seems that writing a statement and going to the front is the easiest decision. But there are citizens behind each of us”, - Vyatkin said.

He added that the citizens live "as it were, a peaceful life".

“Holidays, fireworks over every city, places of entertainment are full of people. Our job is to make decisions here and communicate, support communication with our fellow citizens, explanatory work”, - he explained.

Vyatkin explained the “impossibility” of resigning as a deputy and volunteering for the front by saying that the value of the deputies is too great, since during the period of mobilization they “must convey the importance of the situation to everyone”.

Earlier it became known that the obligation to appear at the military registration and enlistment offices during the period of mobilization does not apply to a number of categories of citizens, including State Duma deputies and senators , as well as those to whom the government will provide a reservation.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu instructed to organize a warning system for Russians in a timely manner. The head of the Russian Defense Ministry stated the need to strengthen measures to counter provocations and illegal actions. He urged to ensure proper protection of notification areas, points of reception and collection of citizens. Shoigu announced plans to call up 300,000 reservists as part of the partial mobilization phase.