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Telegram channels are looking for the real reason for the new anti-Russian sanctions
21 October 2020, 12:33
Telegram channels are looking for the real reason for the new anti-Russian sanctions
On October 15, the European Union introduced new sanctions against Russia. This time in the case of the poisoning of Alexei Navalny. A couple of days later, the United States happily supported this resolution. Was the oppositionist the main reason - the topic of the week among Telegram channels.

The sanctions list includes FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov , First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration Sergey Kiriyenko , Head of the Russian Presidential Administration's Internal Policy Department Andrey Yarin, Presidential Envoy to the Siberian Federal District Sergey Menyailo, Deputy Defense Minister Pavel Popov, Deputy Defense Minister Alexey Krivoruchko and the State Scientific - Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology. At the same time, entrepreneur Yevgeny Prigozhin was sanctioned for the actions of PMC Wagner in Libya. They are prohibited from entering the EU, their assets in the EU are frozen, and the provision of any financial resources to them is prohibited.

The list of sanctioned persons is quite extraordinary: in the Kremlin they just shrug their shoulders, not giving their versions on what basis they could have been selected. Novye Izvestia analyzed what the authors of the Telegram channels wrote about this last week: here, as usual, there are much more assumptions.

The authors of the channel Mouse in Vegetable found a simple and beautiful answer to the question of why the highest ranks of the Ministry of Defense were included in the sanctions lists in the Navalny case: the West is greatly annoyed by Russia's success in the fight against terrorism and the development of the defense industry. We will not argue about the successes in the fight against terrorism, but there are, of course, questions about cartoons with missiles...

A similar opinion that the root causes of the sanctions, including those concerning Kiriyenko, should be sought precisely in the successes of the defense industry, is shared by the journalist Lesya Ryabtseva. Well, the defense industry can be proud - along with the sanctions, recognition and glory came to them. At least in this "correspondence" format.

Meister is sure that European officials are no more, no less, but made themselves look fools, accusing the internal political bloc of Navalny's poisoning, which Alexey Navalny himself was very comfortable with by concentrating on himself and merging the entire opposition movement. Where the invariably present opposition heat will now pour out is unknown.

The authors of the Muesli Vslukh channel adhere to a different point of view. For them, Alexey Navalny is a completely independent political force that can dictate to European officials who should be included in the sanctions lists and who should not. And this point of view pulls further logical conclusions up to the open interference of the West in the parliamentary elections of 2021 and the presidential elections of 2024 in Russia. A powerful statement. But it will hardly be possible to find any tangible evidence of this assumption.

Political analyst Alexey Chesnakov sees a bad sign for the liberal forces in the strengthening of sanctions: Europe has hit those responsible for what is happening in Russia, and in response, the sanctioned persons will only increase pressure on the liberal opposition. In order not to stick out. Increased conflict certainly does not contribute to stability.

For the All-Seeing Eye, everything that happens is nothing more than a farce, which has nothing to do with a serious crime investigation and subsequent punishment. The arguments of the prosecutors do look quite ridiculous at times. Yes, and the trial itself has not yet happened, only the guesses of the investigators.

Despite the discrepancy in the assessment of the details, almost all Telegram channels agree on one thing: the sanctions may have any background, but they are definitely not directly related to the poisoning of Alexey Navalny, which became just a convenient reason for tightening the screws. But this incident brought the international confrontation, Navalny himself and even the presidential race in the United States to a new level. Who is he without his poisoning to condemn the current American authorities for inaction? In the meantime, the Democrats are not lost, and have once again managed to accuse Donald Trump of being dependent on the Russian authorities. Navalny, however, is now bathed in sparkling rays of glory and influence on the world agenda. Approximately as Lenin once, after exile, also sailed to Germany, in order from there to cheerfully continue to take possession of the minds of the masses and publish the magazine Iskra. And "burns out", in telegram terms, both then and now - with the current Russian authorities.