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UK announces expulsion of half of 'Russian spies' from Europe
22 July, 09:50
UK announces expulsion of half of 'Russian spies' from Europe
The head of the British foreign intelligence service MI-6, Richard Moore, said that four hundred Russian diplomats were expelled from European countries, which "dramatically reduced the espionage capabilities" of Moscow.

Moore, in an ode to a security conference in Aspen, pointed out, writes The Guardian , that Western intelligence agencies have made a "reasonably concerted effort" to "destroy the spy networks" of the Russian Federation against the backdrop of a special operation in Ukraine.

Moore called the expelled diplomats Russian intelligence officers "operating under diplomatic cover."

“It probably halved their ability to spy for Russia in Europe,” the head of MI6 said.

Earlier it became known about the expulsion of Russian diplomats by Bulgaria , Estonia , Denmark , as well as a number of other countries. In response to these actions, Moscow took adequate measures to expel the diplomatic representatives of these republics.