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Following the example of Poland: the Belarusian opposition compiles the "Black Book" of the security forces
22 September 2020, 23:58
Following the example of Poland: the Belarusian opposition compiles the "Black Book" of the security forces
A kind of register records the data of pro-government officials and security officials who protect the Lukashenka regime. In the future, they face the same measures that were taken after the overthrow of the communist dictatorship in neighboring Poland.

An extremely entertaining video filmed by one of the readers was published by the Belarusian portal TUT.BY. Its author managed to communicate with security officials who are hiding behind shields from peaceful demonstrators.

The dialogue turned out like this:

“- How are these people bothering you? - the author of the video asks the cordon.

- Back away, - the man behind the shield answers.

- What?

- Back away, there is no one behind you.

- Look after me, you are driving everyone out of your own city. You live here and they live here. They don't do anything, they just walk down the street, just like you. And what, they are for this in the CIP? Class? Why are you smiling, are you funny?

- (inaudible) they will give you an apartment.

- Well, they will give you an apartment, well, so you live here on! He will leave, he is not immortal .... "

Meanwhile, the already famous Belarusian telegram channel NEXTA, which coordinates the actions of the opposition on the Web and simultaneously collects information about the security forces who are fierce during the dispersal of protest rallies, addressed its readers with an appeal, which, in particular, says:

Белорусская Венера
Photo:Яна Чернава

“... It is the bandits in uniform and the officials who still serve the murderer - the last obstacle to fair elections, the return of security and law, the normal development of Belarus.

Not every one of us is ready to influence them with the same forceful methods as they do on the free Belarusian people. But:

1) We can and must refuse to communicate with officials, security officials, judges, etc. - anything other than showing contempt. Total popular ignore. More than a month has passed since the insolently stolen elections, murders, torture, conscriptions of foreign troops to the country. All these people cannot but know how much they serve the criminal regime.

2) Refrain from serving them whenever possible. Not everything is sold for the money they receive for their violence against Belarusians. You can refuse service, for example, with the same wording that they use against you when they lie in the courts: "I believe that this person behaved defiantly", "I believe that his behavior is unacceptable."

3) Help identify specific criminals - through projects like the "Black Book of Belarus". It works especially effectively in district and regional cities - an aggressive Zhodino major was found there in two days. Minsk is big, and some punishers are still trying to hide behind balaclavas (spoiler: won't work). But it is in the district and regional cities that we can return the rule of law in the near future - even if Lukashenka demands from them, while suppressing complete lawlessness. Send all criminals seen in your city, help them identify, collect their data - through the "offer" in the channel description.

Along the way, as another warning to the Belarusian security officials, a short article about the fate of the Polish security officials, who 30 years ago dispersed similar protests of fighters for freedom and democracy in the then socialist country, is being circulated on the Internet:

“How did the Polish riot police finish?

They ended up behind bars and lost their pensions. Poland has been free for 30 years, and the Poles still spit, remembering those who beat, tortured and killed people.

10 thousand people were repressed throughout the country, about 40 people lost their lives. It was the beginning of the end of the Polish People's Republic (PRL), as well as the verdict for thousands of Interior Ministry officers who carried out criminal orders.

A special brigade of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland, "ZOMO" is an analogue of the Belarusian OMON. They started shooting.

They killed people only because they wanted to live with dignity, to achieve decent salaries ...

17 former employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs received from 2.5 to 15 years in prison, two of the accused did not live to see the verdict. Some were so ashamed in front of the Poles that they asked through lawyers not to publish their names. The court disobeyed and made the process open, all Poland could look at its "heroes". In turn, ZOMO was liquidated immediately after the first free elections.

Today, recalling this structure of the communist Ministry of Internal Affairs, Poles spit and interpret it as a shameful symbol of repression.

For those who beat, repressed and tortured in free Poland, there was no job in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Moreover, there is a law on lustration, everyone who was born before 1972 (had at least 18 years old during communism) and who claims to leadership positions in most state institutions, and primarily the Ministry of Internal Affairs, courts, prosecutors and services, go through it. security. The person is chased through the bases of the Institute of National Remembrance, where there is a special department that deals exclusively with "crimes against the Polish people." You can't hide anything.

This, however, does not mean that after the change of power in Poland everyone who worked in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Security, the prosecutor's office and the courts stopped working.

Those who did not follow criminal orders and did not issue unfair sentences continued to work.

Also, the law on the pensions of former law enforcement officers since the PRL was issued in 2009. Information appeared in the media about the suicides of pensioners of the communist Interior Ministry and security agencies, whose pensions were cut off. There were also those who kept pensions and allowances. They, occupying positions in law enforcement agencies, collaborated with the opposition and did not have to leave the country as the families of Ukrainian “Berkut” members left in 2014..."