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The House of Representatives sent a demand to the Senate to impeach Trump
26 January 2021, 11:22
The House of Representatives sent a demand to the Senate to impeach Trump
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In the United States, the House of Representatives of the Congress sent a resolution to the Senate to impeach the 45th President Donald Trump for inciting to riot.

The documents arrived at the Senate on the evening of January 25. Trump's Senate impeachment process will begin on February 8. According to Kommersant, the House of Representatives announced the impeachment of Trump on January 13.

"232 people voted for, 197 against. For impeachment to be announced in the Senate, except for all Democrats, 17 Republicans must vote for him", - the newspaper notes.

Trump's only accusation is called "deliberately provoking an uprising". The Democrats proposed to initiate the procedure for removing Trump from office after Trump, who refused to admit his defeat from Biden in the presidential election on November 3, called on his supporters to go to rallies.

The most massive protest by Trump supporters took place on January 6 in Washington. Crowds of people burst into the Capitol building at the time of the Senate meeting. To expel the rioters from the building, they had to use weapons and tear gas. The clashes killed five people. While the confrontation lasted, congressmen were forced to suspend voting on the results of the 2020 US presidential election.

After the bloody clashes, not only Trump's opponents, the Democrats, but also a number of his Republican supporters, spoke out for impeachment of Trump.

Despite the fact that Trump's term of office now ended on January 20, 2021, many lawyers consider the prosecution of the ex-president of the United States to be legitimate. While awaiting an impeachment hearing in the Senate, Trump hired a lawyer.