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In Minsk, security forces used flash-bang grenades, there are wounded
26 October 2020, 09:22
In Minsk, security forces used flash-bang grenades, there are wounded
Photo: tut.by
The 100,000th march against Lukashenka in Minsk ended in dispersal. The security forces used flash-bang grenades, there are victims. OMON and titushki search the courtyards and look for demonstrators. Detentions took place in other cities as well. In Grodno, 80 people were arrested, in Minsk - so far 50.

Today's marches in Belarus, the 11th in a row, were as crowded as in August after the elections. Observers say that at least 100,000 people took to the streets of Minsk. People gathered at the town hall and headed towards the Stele.


The protesters came close to the cordon on the bridge over the Svisloch. Tihary, working in the crowd, received an order “Get out of the crowd. We will work now. "


In the area of Orlovskaya Street, the OMON organized a massive dispersal of the demonstration. The security forces used light-noise grenades and other special equipment. One grenade exploded near the windows of a residential building, glass flew out at the entrance.


On Orlovskaya, the windows were broken from the explosions in the houses. Several people were injured.

On Novovilenskaya Street, a grenade exploded right at the girl's feet. Nexta reports that at first the girl remained standing in the smoke, then, limping, she ran with the crowd (video here ).

Photo:Новая Газета

They opened fire on people with rubber bullets. At least one person had a stomach puncture.

An elderly protester said that the security forces threw grenades into the crowd. There is no limit to people's indignation. "Lukashenka, you scoundrel!" the woman exclaims. It's like a war, she says. Lukashenko wants a civil war (video here ).

2 journalists were detained in Minsk, 2 more - in Vitebsk.