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"Who is in power here ?: Federation of Independent Trade Unions makes a political statement
29 January 2021, 09:41
"Who is in power here ?: Federation of Independent Trade Unions makes a political statement
The corresponding document was also sent to the editorial office of Novye Izvestia. We publish the text completely and without comments.


Statement by the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia.

On January 23, unauthorized actions took place in a number of Russian cities, which were accompanied by clashes with law enforcement officers and attempts to use minors as a "human shield" for the demonstrators. The organizers announced the continuation of such actions, their holding was supported by representatives of foreign states. The statements “We are in power here” and “Down with President Putin” performed by provocateurs are ready to be heard again in the country's squares.

But the matter is even more serious. The initiators of the actions and their foreign "partners" could not count on any support from citizens, in the absence of a social base for indignation.

And this base is now there. People don't understand which direction the country is heading. Workers' incomes continue to fall. Many are unemployed. Prices are rising. Social stratification does not diminish, and society irritates its level.

This is how the social basis for the attempted coup d'etat is being formed, about which some "well-wishers" of Russia have already started talking.

The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia expresses serious concern about the development of events.

Russian trade unions remind that in the XX century our country has already experienced the bitter experience of the destruction of statehood in 1917 and 1991, which brought long periods of poverty to the Russian worker. And today, people who call to "beat the police" think about personal benefits, and not at all about people's happiness, despite the talk about "democracy" and justice.

Trade unions support President Vladimir Putin, who is the guarantor of the Constitution, the country's integrity, and therefore is a target for Russia's enemies. Trade unions have their own serious questions to various branches of government concerning workers' incomes, social problems, and the responsible work of law enforcement agencies for the good of the country. But we are confident that they can and should be resolved at the negotiating table, provided there is goodwill and the authorities' readiness to act on the basis of an effective social dialogue and understanding of risks.

Speaking in a half-forgotten language, the "lower classes" do not want to continue living like this!

Therefore, the "top" must resolutely deploy an economic course towards greater real and multifaceted support for Russian workers, people who create the country's wealth by their labor. Working people who alone can rightfully say: "We are in power here."

Before it's too late.