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MSU students are asking to build the Temple of the Macaroni Monster, and not the Church of the Russian Orthodox Church
2 November 2020, 23:41
MSU students are asking to build the Temple of the Macaroni Monster, and not the Church of the Russian Orthodox Church
In their petition addressed to the rector of the university and the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, the students presented six arguments in favor of building a new church at Moscow State University.

Moscow scientist Alexander Panchin published a post in which he talked about a funny initiative by Moscow State University students who opposed the construction of a new university Orthodox church, calling on the university authorities to build normal dormitories instead. In case of impossibility of such a replacement, the students put forward an alternative idea.

Panchin, not without reason, believes that the students created a very correct petition, and he himself, as a graduate of Moscow State University, cannot but support it.

So, Moscow State University announced that more than 200 employees and students addressed the rector of the university and the patriarch with this request. Here's what it consists of:

“We, the students of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, have never asked to build a church and have not turned to the Patriarch with a request to build a temple, but we have repeatedly addressed personally to the rector of Moscow State University V.A. Sadovnichy with a request to build a second line of DSL dormitories (student house on Lomonosovsky).

Since the administration of the university believes that building a temple on the territory of Moscow State University is more important than building a dormitory for nonresident students, we suggest that the administration of Moscow State University take care of building a temple of the religion followed by most students, namely Pastafarianism. "

The advantages of the proposed solution are obvious to me:

  1. The LMM Temple fits easily into a hostel. Because Pastafarianism is a popular religion. Moreover, it is customary in hostels to eat godly food - instant noodles. Actually, you can build a new dormitory, set up a noodle distribution point there and declare it a temple.
  2. Of all the world religions, Pastafarianism is the only one whose founder had a real education. Considering that the task of Moscow State University is to provide education, this fact has symbolic significance.
  3. MSU has strong historical ties with the Pastafarian Church. One of the greatest pastriarchs, Pyura Pasta III, graduated from Moscow State University.
  4. Pura Pasta III, despite its young age, has a hirsch index of 6 (Scopus). For comparison: the chief theologian of the Russian Orthodox Church, Grigory Alfeyev, has Hirsch 1. I generally keep quiet about the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church. That is, in terms of scientometric indicators, Pastafarianism bypasses the ROC. Scientometrics is valued at MSU.
  5. Many Orthodox Christians argued for the construction of the ROC church by the fact that other ROC churches are far enough from this place or have a small capacity. But for believers in the Macaroni Monster, there are no temples in Moscow at all. Now the mentioned Orthodox are simply obliged to intercede for the Pastafarian. Who, if not them, understand the hardships of life away from the temple?
  6. I am sure that if we hold an honest vote among students and staff of Moscow State University, the LMM temple will win. I have no doubt that LMM supporters will support such a vote. Will the Orthodox support this, or maybe their faith is not so strong?

Don't forget to sign the petition ... "

There is nothing surprising in the fact that future scientists turned to the leadership of Moscow State University with such a proposal. It is known that the idea of Pastafarianism originated in 2005 in America, when in the state of Kansas it was discussed whether it was necessary to introduce into the school curriculum an alternative "theory of evolution" - the creationist, that everything in the world (and the world itself) was created by God. Young physicist Bobby Henderson took this idea to the point of absurdity, demanding that we admit that we are all created by some flying spaghetti monster. This is how “Pastafarianism” appeared - a parody of primitive religious interpretations and, in general, any totalitarian ideological system. Pastafarians like to prove the dependence of actually random things on each other, showing the absurdity of religious interpretations of the laws of biology and physics, for example, the more pirates, the stronger global warming. No wonder there are so many scholars among the Pastafarians. After all, doubting dogmas is the basic rule of science.