Man-scandal: why actor Panin was expelled from the funeral of actor Kokshenov
9 June 2020, 23:15
Secular Chronicles
In his normal grave speech, Alexey Panin began to criticize the work of the deceased.

Popular blogger Ilya Valiyev was indignant at the act of the infamous actor Alexei Panin, who was kicked out of the funeral of actor Mikhail Kokshenov. In his speech near the grave, Panin decided to speak the truth boldly, saying: “Mikhail Kokshenov was a good actor. But he was a disgusting film director..."

Without going into debates about the size of Kokshenov’s talent, we note with the blogger that the actor, unlike many of his colleagues, lost in the dashing 90s, managed to find investors and make several comedy films, remaining not only in the profession and with money, but and letting other actors earn money, for which they are still very grateful to him.

Yes, Kokshenov’s films are of very mediocre quality, but they have helped a lot of people. Recent years Mikhail Mikhailovich Kokshenov lived quietly, and after a stroke he completely turned into a recluse and died quietly and imperceptibly.

And what about Panin? Who in ten years will remember him - who did not make a single film and drank out his talent? Nobody. Just nobody.