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A casual photo of Valery Leontyev shocked the audience
22 December 2020, 15:24
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A casual photo of Valery Leontyev shocked the audience
Photo: инстаграм Михаила Зыгаря
Opinions about the personal appearance of 71-year-old singer are divided.

Valery Leontyev rarely falls victim to the paparazzi. The singer constantly lives in Miami, and appearing on the occasion of concerts in Russia, appears in public in full dress.

The more was the shock from the photo that the journalist Mikhail Zygar posted on his Instagram account the other day, who met Leontyev at the Helvetia hotel in St. Petersburg. Not everyone immediately recognized the famous artist in a middle-aged man dressed in a modest black jacket, a cap and khaki pants.

Photo:инстаграм Михаила Зыгаря

Commentators on Instagram were divided over the singer's physical form. “Unsuccessful photo, some pathetic old man”, “I would even say that an old woman. The horror that the abuse of plastics leads to is not like itself", "Is it Khakamada or Leontyev?", - write critics. Others, however, remind that Leontyev is already 71 years old: “A man is like a man. 70 years old, nothing supernatural. Well done, he doesn’t sit and doesn’t drink, but does what he loves”, “If you live to see his age, earn as he does. For the old man he is still handsome, and he did not sing with plywood".

Now Valery Leontyev is filming in Russia in New Year's TV shows. According to his concert director Boris Chigiryov, Channel 5 reports that the singer feels great, and his thinness is explained by a strict diet and active sports.